13th, May 2024

Tadweer Group to build Abu Dhabi’s first-ever dedicated facility for recovering and capturing valuable recyclable materials from waste

  • Organisation to develop a state of the art Material Recovery Facility with initial processing capacity of 1.3 million metric tonnes of waste per year
  • Key milestone on Tadweer Group’s journey to divert 80% of Abu Dhabi’s waste by 2030, underscoring its belief that waste is a valuable resource
  • Objective to collect municipal waste and recover recyclables such as metals, plastics, and other materials
  • Facility will prepare feedstock for the Abu Dhabi Waste to Energy plant
  • Development aligns with Tadweer Group’s plan for a circular cluster in line with principles of the circular economy

Abu Dhabi, UAE, 9 May: Tadweer Group has announced the closed bidding for the planned development of Abu Dhabi’s first greenfield Material Recovery Facility (MRF). The state-of-the-art facility will recover recyclable materials derived from municipal solid waste, significantly maximising the diversion of waste from landfill through recycling and preparing feedstock for the Abu Dhabi Waste to Energy facility. This will enable increased recycling, promoting a circular economy and supporting Tadweer Group’s wider ambition of diverting 80% of Abu Dhabi’s waste away from landfill by 2030.

The MRF will be developed as part of the organisation’s circular cluster, a series of facilities which will contribute to the circular economy and ensure that minimal waste ends up in landfill. The long-term objectives for the facility include providing feedstock for other waste conversion process and products, such as waste to Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF).

Ali Al Dhaheri, Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer, Tadweer Group, said: “As we continue to revolutionise waste management in Abu Dhabi, we’re delighted to share this important milestone. A key part of our circular cluster, the development of the greenfield Material Recovery Facility is clear progress for the Emirate. This aligns with our strategic vision to harness technology to extend the lifetime of recyclable materials for a sustainable future. The facility will also directly contribute to our long-term ambitions of waste conversion, as we take steps forward to achieve a circular economy, echoing the pillars of the UAE’s net zero agenda.”

The facility will also serve to promote local and foreign private sector investment and create employment and training opportunities for UAE nationals. The expected capacity will be 1.3 million metric tonnes per year. Additionally, the facility will cover an area of over 90,000 square metres, making it one of the largest MRFs in the region, and will be located within the Al Mafraq Industrial area, 36 kilometres from the centre of Abu Dhabi.

Further, the facility is designed to meet a number of strategic objectives for Tadweer Group, with a focus on landfill diversion. This includes its role as a stepping stone for the next phase of the organisation’s growth, as Tadweer Group transitions to a high diversion and high recycling system.

The bidding for the development of the facility will take place as part of a closed tender process. The awarding of the contract and engineering, procurement, and construction works are expected to begin on the end of 2024, with operations commissioning targeted for the end of 2026.

Tadweer Group continues to expand its portfolio and collaborate with like-minded organisations to unlock the value of waste and promote a circular economy and a healthier environment for generations to come.