About Tadweer Group

Tadweer Group, part of ADQ, an Abu Dhabi-based holding company, is leading the way in promoting sustainable waste practices and establish new benchmarks for the circular economy. Our strategic vision is aimed at revolutionising waste management by unlocking the value of waste. As the sole custodian of waste management in Abu Dhabi, Tadweer Group is committed to deploying advanced technologies and fostering strategic partnerships in support of the UAE’s sustainability objectives, working towards its goal of diverting 80% of Abu Dhabi’s waste away from landfill by 2030. In addition to its commitment to Abu Dhabi, Tadweer Group has ambitious international goals, striving to make significant contributions to sustainable waste management beyond the UAE.


Tadweer Group’s mission is to revolutionise waste management, unlocking value from waste and setting new standards in circular solutions. We empower societies to view waste as a catalyst for positive environmental and economic impact, constantly innovating to minimise waste and maximise its value.


Our vision at Tadweer Group is to help create a sustainable future where waste is a transformative resource. As a global industry leader, we pioneer advanced technologies, leverage diverse perspectives, and cultivate valuable partnerships. Our agility and resourcefulness turn today’s insights into tomorrow’s value, contributing to a sustainable future for people, communities, societies, nations, and the environment.



At Tadweer Group, the safety of our employees, customers, and the public is at the heart of our operations. We adhere to strict safety protocols, foster a culture of awareness and responsibility, and proactively identity and mitigate potential hazards. Our commitment ensures a secure environment for all stakeholders.


We embrace innovation by adopting cutting-edge technologies in our approach to waste management. This proactive mindset enables us to remain ahead of the curve within the industry, as we foster sustainability and drive positive change. We continuously seek and implement new methods to optimise resource utilisation, streamline processes, and minimise environmental impact, enhancing overall efficiency.


At Tadweer Group, we seek partnerships with like-minded organisations that demonstrate complete transparency in operations. Our commitment to ethical practices is foundational, demonstrated through honesty, accountability, and embodying key morals and principles. This fosters trust among stakeholders and builds a positive reputation within the waste management industry and broader business community.


We take full responsibility for our actions, including their environmental and social impacts. We are accountable for our progress, and reinforce our unwavering commitment to transparency, ethical conduct, and proactive engagement in addressing complex challenges. By fostering a culture of accountability, safety, and well-being, we ensure our actions align with our values.


We recognise the importance of collaboration in achieving success. We engage with diverse stakeholders, including government entities, private companies, NGOs, and local communities, to reach our shared goals. Through open communication, trust-building, and cooperation, we harness collective expertise and resources for mutual benefit and sustainable impact.


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Established Tadweer.

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Established Tadweer.


Imposed fees on waste producers and invested AED 6.6B in recycling.


Registered environmental service providers to reduce waste and recycle.


Hosted EcoWASTE for the first time (and annually to date)


Led and implemented the National Sterilisation programme (COVID 19)


Transferred ownership to ADQ.


Established the global Waste to Zero initiative


Rebranded to Tadweer Group with a new identity, vision and mission, and refreshed strategy.

Tadweer Group Headquarters