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Collapse E-LibraryE-Library
Collapse Applications FormsApplications Forms
Access Request for Tracking System
Application for No Objection Certificate (Demolition, Construction, Completion)
Application for Transportation of Wastes outside Abu Dhabi
Cleaning Application Permits
Company registration
Disposal of Expired Food Items
e-services registration application
Landfill access permit
Meeting request
Pest Control Permits Application
Project waste data file
Request for Licensing Waste Trading
Subscription Agreement for Medical Waste Transportation , Treatment & Disposal Services
Treatment Application Permits
Vehicles Application
Waste Material Datasheet
Waste Transportation Permits Application
Collapse CirculationsCirculations
Adherence to HSE regulations
Adherence to the Waste Sector OSH Risk Classification requirements
Asbestos Transportation and Disposal
Asbestos Transportation and disposal 2
C&D Waste Disposal (2) 2018
Cancellation of Exception from the fees at TADWEER(Center Of Waste Management - Abu Dhabi)
cancellation of flatbed permits
Changing the operator of Al Mafraq Transfer Station
Checklist for inspection requirements for waste treatment
Checklist regarding Environmental Service Providers (ESPs) operating at the Pest Control
Circular No
Circular No (3) prohibition of entrance of skips loader to aldhafra landfill
Compliance to provide the Transactions Requirements
Compliance with installing and connecting the electronic scale
Conditional permits for the profession of temite controle
Construction & Demolition Waste Disposal for environmental service providers
Definition and numbering waste containers in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi
Go Green initiative
Implementation of new E-card system (Aber Card) and electronic fee collection at Tadweer facilities gate entrances
Implementation to the E-Manifest System (BOLISATY)
Inspection Checklist regarding Environmental Service Providers (ESPs) operating at the Waste Transportation Fields
Inspection Checklist regarding Environmental Service Providers (ESPs) operating on waste treatment fields2
Installing GPS devices and issuing the necessary permits for vehicles transporting waste to the landfills of Liwa area
Installing GPS for vehicles transporting waste to the landfill of Liwa area
Installing waste weigh bridge at facilities entrance and Connecting to Tadweer IT system
issuance of construction Projects Permits and Commissioning certificate
issuing the required permits and installing GPS devices for vehicles (Nahil landfill )
Management of used tyres in al Ain ( Trading )
Management of used tyres in al Ain (Transportation )
Management of used tyres in al Ain (Waste producers )
Mixed Waste
Organization of waste containers in the Emirate of Abu Dhab
Performance reports to reduce the waste production
Preserving the cleanliness of vehicles transporting waste
provide the Transactions Requirements
providing Anti Termite profile - extension of documents submission
Providing Termite Control Capability Profile to Tadweer
Provision of Store for Establishments Operating In The Field Of Waste Trading
registration in transportation and treatment of medical waste Services in Al Ain city
Requirements for Waste Reduction Reports
Requiring Companies to abide and avoid Recurrence of Violations
Starting operation of the Hazardous Solid Waste Engineering Cells at Al Dhafra Landfill on 4 December 2017
Stop Issuing Permits For Rental Vehicles Registered at other Emirates
Suspension of Commercial License for ESPs which have not complied with CWM requirments in terms of providing CWM the Monthly Register
Transportation and Treatment of Lubricant Oil Waste in the Emirates of AD
Transportation and treatment of lubricant used oil in emirate of Abu Dhabi
Transportation and treatment of Medical Waste in Al Ain City
Updating facility data
Waste scavenging in the emirate of Abu Dhabi
Waste transportation vehicles ,(Flatbed)
Collapse legal frameworklegal framework
قانون رقم 21 لسنة 2005 م بشأن إدارة النفايات بإمارة أبوظبي
قرار اللجنة 15 جـ 21-2010 بشأن نظام التعرفة على النفايات في الإمارة
قرار اللجنة 2 ج 24 - 2009 بشأن نظام التعرفة على النفايات في إمارة أبوظبي
قرار مجلس الإدارة رقم 1 لسنة 2010 بشأن فرض رسوم على منتجي وناقلي النفايا
Collapse Technical GuidelinesTechnical Guidelines
Asbestos waste management in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi
Disposal Requirements of Asbestos - ACM Waste​​​
ESPs Licensing Requirements in the fields of waste transportation, waste treatment, and waste recycling
Guideline Biological Wastes - 2nd Edition
Inspection on facilities
Interim guideline for waste management consultancy offices​
Licensing of Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) Service Providers
Management of Construction and Demolition
Management program for waste skips in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi
Permitting Public Health Pest Control Services in Abu Dhabi Emirate
Procedures and requirements of the hazardous waste disposal
Services Guide Licensing & Tariff & Customer service department
SOP for Final Disposal of Solid Hazardous waste in the Engineered cells in Al Dhafra landfill
Transportation of Wastes outside the
Used Battery (UB) Service Providers
Customer Service Charter
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